Global Amigos vs Global Amigos Projects

For clarity, Global Amigos is the umbrella name for various projects. Each project has their own specific aims but, as a single entity, the following are what Global Amigos works towards overall; particularly with respect to our volunteers.

To Encourage Engagement

  • to engage with, educate about & support different community groups
  • to get different people from different backgrounds working together
  • to give volunteers the experience & confidence to engage with different people alongside / after their time as Global Amigos

To Inspire Action

  • to inspire volunteers to be active in their communities, and in others
  • to support appropriate projects volunteers & service users may be involved with
  • to inspire further good action by celebrating good achievements

To Promote Community Inclusion

  • to reach out to the more marginalised groups in society
  • to explore, support & promote the work of different community groups
  • to provide mutually beneficial opportunities for potential Project Partners

Our Development

We are committed to ensuring anyone living in the Preston area can access our support and better themselves if they desire. Irrespective of their abilities, personal situation or backgrounds, we are confident that everyone can achieve great things if they have the right tools, training and guidance. Whilst we may be small and only working with a low number of volunteers, we have already seen improvements and had testimonials from current volunteers after just six months. These individuals have gained work experience, built their confidence and now have new skills to add to their CV’s (For a couple, we are the only professional work experience they have).


We love Preston, Lancashire, the UK and the world; we’ve received a lot of support ourselves over the years and now want to give something back to those who may be struggling and to those who want to improve their personal situation. If people around us achieve more, we all benefit.