What is the Big Preston Raffle?

A trial for 2017, the #BigPrestonRaffle raised funds (nearly £400!) for groups & organisations that do good.

Thanks to the businesses and trusted individuals who attempted to sell tickets. (Scroll down to see the list of sellers/amounts sold)

Volunteer-led, the concept generally relies on Preston businesses offering prizes & resources in exchange for publicity on this website & Podio PR1.

The Draw

The draw was due to take place on the evening of Preston Pride. However, due to technical issues with a new sound system that had been installed at Roper Hall, the entertainment was delayed by more than an hour. After talking to customers present, it was decided that 1am wouldn’t be an appropriate time to draw tickets; so the DJ started his set instead. The draw consequently took place on Thursday September 21st, via Facebook Live (watch the video here through Podio Magazine’s page).


2017 Prizes

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*Note: The Big Preston Raffle is not a charity; it is a raffle organised by Global Amigos volunteers with the aim of splitting 100% of the money raised four ways…


Preston Pride

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Global Amigos

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Disability Equality NW

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Chennai Challenge

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Tickets sold:

  • Preston Pride committee members: 197
  • On the day at Preston Pride: 57
  • Clive & Jenny; Preston bus drivers: 55
  • Ad hoc/volunteer activities & events: 47
  • Charnock Hotel – St Georges Road: 18
  • Heather Burke; National Citizen Service office: 17
  • Disability Equality (NW) – Church Street: 4
  • Fired4U – from their Walton-Le-Dale work space: 0
  • The Mystery Tea House – Cannon Street: 0
  • Blue Bayou Jazz Bar / Coffee Bar Culture: 0

Total: 395

Support Wanted for Next Year:


Show an interest in supporting the Big Preston Raffle 2018 (should we choose to replicate it)

>>> Email your backing, or advice, to andy@globalamigos.org.uk  (thanks to those who have already offered feedback – we’ve already agreed to incentivise ticket sellers; free double spread in Podio for an organisation of your choice, plus we plan to simplify the prize allocation process!)

With thanks to our additional supporters at Dream Events – for providing the raffle tickets. If you’re planning a wedding anytime soon, or know someone who is, check out their website!

Personal Connection

The Big Preston Raffle is led by Andy Neale on behalf of the listed beneficiaries who Andy actively volunteers with: he co-founded Preston Pride six years ago & recently returned to the Board after volunteering abroad & working across the UK | DENW is a charity on Church Street that he benefited from as a teenager & who he currently supports with respect to hate crime awareness | Chennai Challenge is a grassroots UK-based charity which he supported in India this summer & now aims to promote & support long term | Global Amigos is a Preston-based & volunteer-led Social Enterprise which Andy & others launched, and have been developing, for the past 12 months. (The aim here is to split the enterprise so that After Hate eventually becomes a stand alone charity).