Raffle Prizes and Cash Donations welcome

When Andy was in the UK, much of Global Amigos’ income was generated through social events (Get Your Gay On, Dirrty Harry’s…) Since moving to Asia, marketing & print has been the sole income generator. As of January 2020, we now welcome Paypal donations by anyone who wishes to support and/or steer our work.

Paypal Donors can specify where they wish for their money to go to – i.e, treat the Podio Preston volunteers to lunch or to pay for a Thai child to get English tuition? (A tenner can go a long way!) A donor can also request a link to their business, or to an organisation they wish to support, via this page. Get in touch to explore ideas – or send a few pounds now via Andy’s Global Amigo Paypal account.

*Note, Global Amigos is a registered incorporation in England & Wales, not an international charity. We believe in using business as a tool for good and reinvest income into causes and campaigns we’re passionate about*

What is the Big Preston Raffle?

The #BigPrestonRaffle raised, and can continue to raise, funds for groups & organisations that do good in the Preston area.

Watch the draw via Podio Preston’s Facebook page

**A big thank you to the community of businesses who donated prizes and to the individuals who sold tickets for our trial event**

No date is currently set for any future fundraising activity but, if you’d like to get involved, or know an organisation that could benefit, get in touch and get onboard!?

Support the Big Preston Raffle

Whether you’d like experience in project management or you’d like your organisation to be a key partner, there are various ways to support the campaign. You could donate a substantial prize and feature as the headline sponsor – or could lead the next fundraiser in a voluntary capacity.

Alternatively, donations for prizes are always welcomed – and would likely be a catalyst for our volunteers.

(Global Amigos is a part-time project operating alongside our careers and other commitments. All roles are voluntary. Donors, and those involved, can help choose beneficiaries…)

Previous Donations / Donors

*Note: Neither ‘The Big Preston Raffle’ nor ‘Global Amigos’ are registered charities. Nominated beneficiaries aren’t necessarily charities either. They could be Incorporated Charitable Organisations, Community Interest Companies or grassroot projects.100% of the money raised is publicly broken down & published before being shared equally.

Inspiration for the Big Preston Raffle.

The Big Preston Raffle was initially launched and led by Andy Neale on behalf of four organisations who Andy has close links with: he co-founded the family-friendly Preston Pride LGBT community event in 2011 with Debs Bradshaw – and later rejoined the Board after working in London & volunteering abroad for some time. Disability Equality (NW) is a disability charity that he benefited from as a teenager and who he later supported with respect to hate crime awareness & fundraising. Chennai Challenge is a grassroots UK-based charity which he volunteered with in India during 2017. Global Amigos is the Preston-based Social Enterprise which Andy launched as his International Citizen Service ‘Action at Home’ project after leading teams of Young People on a development project in Nicaragua in 2015-2016.