Gay men are being rounded up, imprisoned & murdered in Chechen concentration camps. It is our belief at Global Amigos and Preston Pride that funds need to be generated to support those affected.

The Russian LGBT network are smuggling LGBT individuals out & placing them into safe accommodation. Those saved are being uprooted with only the clothes on their backs and, whilst Barry in Buckingham changing his profile photo will raise awareness of the issue, we believe that Piotr in Chechnya, now in hiding, would appreciate money for basic necessities. Additionally, the group helping Piotr would undoubtedly appreciate funds to buy fuel, supplies; possibly to recruit more people to help. (Hell, if we had the funds we’d be flying out to help ourselves!)

How can I help gay men in Russia?

We want grassroots organisations & businesses to join us (in spirit) throughout the summer months of 2017. Whether you’re a key figure within your community or you have links to local business owners, you could organise a small fundraising & awareness-raising activity in your area. You are free to choose other beneficiaries of the money you raise (as long as 50% goes to the Russian LGBT Network – the team offering secure accomodation & supplies to the guys fleeing)  To share our collective achievements, we’ve adopted the hashtag, #FightFireWithLove & set up @FightItWithLove on Twitter – Tweet your activities & support for additional exposure.

What if it’s just little old me?

Organise a small event yourself! Contact any LGBT business or human rights groups local to you, or pass the funds generated at an activity you manage yourself… You can bake right? (Or know where Tesco is?!) Do a bake sale in your workplace, on campus or in town… Whatever you do, whether it generates a tenner or £100, with all the other groups & individuals on board, it’ll add up over the course of the summer. It’ll also raise awareness of the situation among the wider community & naturally inspire more outrage & action. We can’t let this issue drop; and you shouldn’t question the impact you can have on your own.

How can I send the money over?

We suggest donations be sent to All Out for them to distribute within their current campaign & network. This will naturally be at the discretion of each organiser though & we do accept that individuals & groups will have doubts over going via a third party western organisation. You may opt to contact the Russian LGBT Network directly.

Acting together – #FightFireWithLove


Blackpool – Monday July 31st

A 50/50 fundraiser to support Chechnya and Blackpool LGBT – organised by Renaissance at Drugline.

Lancaster – May 20th

Pink Triangle awareness campaign & bucket shaking at Lancaster Pride

Preston – May 17th (IDAHO)

Free family-friendly fundraising activity on the Flag Market hosted by After Hate, Dirrty Harry’s & Preston Pride representatives.

  • The Facebook event

    The Facebook event for what we hope may inspire activities across the UK can be found here

  • The Preston city centre event

    The Preston city centre event being planned can be found here.

If you do plan to host an event, contact us to feature. Also, tell us how much you raise so we can work out the amount generated in total.

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