A Financial Plan for your Future.

Free, 1-1, and bespoke.


Although not explicitly under the Global Amigos banner, some of those involved with our projects are trained financial educators in the community; offering business owners, families & individuals like you bespoke financial life plans – free of charge.

Whether you juggle credit cards or have money coming in & no idea what to do with it, get in touch for your free 1-1 session. Countless areas can be explored; from working out the amount you’re paying in interest on your debts to what you could do to boost / build a pension that you’re happy with. Your current situation & future aspirations shape the process; whether you have nothing to your name, or run a thriving business, Global Amigos are certain you’ll learn something – hence us publicly promoting it on behalf of our team members.

In the initial 60-90 minute meeting, your appointed amigo will teach you old financial principles which may be working against you. They will then find out everything that’s needed in order to return with relevant information & fascinating data, specific to your current situation, within a week.


Seven Day Promise

Enquire about your free consultation today & a free follow up appointment is promised within seven working days of your initial 1-1. Where a time & date within this time frame can’t be offered, you can claim a free half page advertisement in Podio Magazine – for a business or charity / community project of your choice.



Either call / send a text message stating ‘financial life plan’, your name & availability to 07342 992267 or use our contact form – here.



Contact details will not be added to any database when you contact us today; they will only be used to make first contact for the above purposes. Text messages are charged at your provider’s standard rate / are taken from your mobile data. Availability is limited for 1-1 sessions and, due to being free of charge to the end user (you / your family), they are offered on a first come first served basis. Ideally, you will be based in, or be able to get to, a Preston location, normally Cotton Court or a local coffee shop. You may alternatively prefer to invite an amigo to sit down around your kitchen table (dinner won’t be required..!) Skype calls can be conducted for those in other parts of the UK although our passion is supporting community members in our hometown, Preston, Lancashire.  Evenings and weekends are fine for 1-1 sessions as well as normal working hours. Only the two free sessions are offered / generally required per individual although, should your circumstances change, you may request a new plan to incorporate these updates at no cost (i.e, a significant pay rise, loss of a loved one, new home..) Both sessions are completely free of charge; partners or friends are welcome to accompany you if you desire. The free advert in Podio Magazine is subject to availability; please allow up to six months for it to feature. If you don’t own / represent the business, charity or community project of your choice, confirmation will be required by an appropriate representative stating that they wish to accept the free offer / to submit their design. Dimensions will be provided, artwork is not provided. A six month online advertisement may be offered/selected instead on one of the Global Amigos websites. Neither Global Amigos as a company nor the team of individual amigos are financial advisers; never will you be told what you should do with your money. At best, you’ll be presented with facts/predictions should you choose to adopt certain habits or pursue certain avenues in the future. Global Amigos, and our individual amigos, reserve the right to withdraw this opportunity at any time either for an individual or across the board without notification nor justification. We strongly advise interested individuals get in touch ASAP to increase their chance of benefiting. 18+ only at this stage.