Supporting the North West’s community-led Pride movement.

Since the 2017 UK Pride Organisers’ Conference, ourselves (involved with Preston Pride) and Lucy Day, Chair of Liverpool Pride, explored the idea of meeting more regularly with fellow Pride organisers from across the North West. What resulted from the conversations, and after an initially exploratory meeting in November, is the NWP Consortium.


Our plan is to create a space for those from the smaller and volunteer-led community Pride events to meet bi-annually to share ideas, discuss problems, apply for joint funding/sponsorship bids and share statistics to see the collective impact we have across the region; much like the UK Pride Organisers’ Network achieves for the wider UK Pride movement.


The idea is to rotate the meeting location so that each town/city involved can host one / not need to travel. If you represent a North West volunteer-led community Pride event, or, an LGBT group that hosts similarly effective events, get in touch for info – email